To trust is a risk, but not to trust is an even greater risk that can lead to disaster.

Winelands Pork (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2001 in the Western Cape, South Africa. Since then we have grown into an export approved abattoir specializing in the slaughtering of pigs and selling thereof. All our pigs are sourced only from selected, approved and some compartmentalized farms by the Department of Agriculture, ensuring quality, consistency and traceability is of the highest standard. We only use residue-free pigs which are bred from a supplier with proven genetics. Winelands Pork is committed in finding constructive ways to participate with its clients in order to ensure the brand involves a sense of pride, quality and superiority at all times. Being approved as an export abattoir ensure that our product meets the highest standard not only nationally, but internationally. Our clients can be assured of the best quality at all times.

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We value our clients above all else and believe that they are one of our biggest assets. Therefore, they are, and will continue to be, treated as the cornerstone of our progress. We believe that progress is infectious, and are therefore committed to moving forward with our clients by giving them excellent service, best practice and integrity throughout our work, personal and professional service. We also strive to fully understand each client’s personal needs, so to provide them with customised solutions and above-standard service. We believe that progress is infectious and are therefore committed to moving forward with our clients by delivering personal and professional service through best practice and integrity.

One of our core values is patience – we are long-term oriented and look at the bigger picture. This means we aim to understand not only our clients’ immediate needs, but also their long-term goal. By doing this we can effectively assist clients in growing their business and their wealth. We also strive to be responsible towards the environment and the general community. With this commitment in mind, we deliberately employ locals and provide them with the necessary training, as well as assist with various community charities.

  • We stand for commitment to service, integrity throughout our work and fair pricings.
  • We believe in being responsible towards the environment, clients, suppliers and employees.
  • We always treat our staff with respect.
  • We provide all employees with equal opportunities within their field and maintain an open and honest work relationship with them.
  • We handle our logistics with diligence, accountability, responsibility and reliability.
  • We give back to the community through our involvement with local churches and schools.