About Us

Nutritional Fact - Pork is an excellent source of complete protein and is considered a nutrient dense food

Winelands Pork (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2001 in the Western Cape. Since then we have grown into an export approved abattoir specialising in the slaughtering of pigs. Pigs are from selected approved farms ensuring quality is of the highest standard. Our export pig carcasses come from state of the art compartmentalized farms to meet the highest health requirements for international export markets. A team of veterinarians are looking after the welfare and diets of these animals. They also ensure that all tests are done on the pigs to guarantee food safety including residue free testing, etc.

At the end of 2004 we introduced our pre-pack product range to the market which offers our clients the opportunity to also benefit from our value-added product range.

Winelands Pork is committed in finding constructive ways to participate with its clients in order to ensure the brand involves a sense of pride, quality and superiority at all times. Being approved as an export abattoir ensures that our product meets the highest standard not only nationally, but internationally too. Therefore our clients can be assured of the best of the best quality at all times. All Winelands Pork staff members are experts in the respective field and certainly our most valuable asset.

Most of these items end up in the finest of production factories and stores. Product is boxed and barcoded to assist with traceability. The cold rooms are adequate to store at least 600 tons of product at any given time.

Winelands Pork’s aim is to strategically position ourselves amongst the most admired global marketers and distributors of pork meat in the world and to meet the various needs of the consumer every day by marketing and selling pork of a consistent high quality.

The confidence that consumers have in our products is a result of our company’s many years of knowledge in pig farming, slaughtering of pigs, research and development as well as continuity. Consumers relate to this and feel they can trust our products.

We are ranked amongst the most admired companies in South Africa and our vision is to expand this status to that of a global one.

Our mission is to create value for both the farmers and consumers through our products, serve the nutritional needs of local and global communities and grow responsible by fostering and focusing on our platform of producing pigs and the slaughtering thereof in the Western Cape.

We will achieve our mission by:

  • Expanding the size and reach of our core operating model
  • Continually expanding the volume and diversity of our product base
  • Managing costs
  • Focusing on sustainability and compliance with the law
  • Improving the lives of consumers
  • Focusing on health and food safety
  • Respect, Integrity, Communication and Excellence